Sydney to Melbourne…

Sydney, one of my favourite cities.

If I’d given it more thought then we should have had longer than 3 nights, but still we did manage to do a fair bit.

Bondi didn’t disappoint, golden sands, golden ladies and blue surf…nsw-2although I think Kerry might have been more excited after a bit of celeb spotting, of course the lifeguards from Bondi rescue (here Kerry turns into an excited schoolgirl) and later she tells me I was swimming next to, let’s call her Sheila, from Home & Away…if I’d known I would have introduced myself, ah well.


nsw-1-2Circular Quay, fresh seafood, the Manly Ferry at sunset, Hyde Park and a city that is buzzing with life.  If only it didn’t cost £5 for half a pint it would be perfect!

Soon enough we picked up our hire car and headed south and spent the next few  days cruising through the small towns on the Princes Highway.  Kangaroo’s on beaches, dolphins in the water and good food (I admit mostly pizza, but good pizza), we spent 5 days on the road before heading into Melbourne.



Now staying with family friends (thanks to the Dansey’s) we are basing ourselves here till sometime in December.  Now we need to get jobs!

I’ll update this blog with anything new and exciting that happens.  Bye for now