Hong Kong…

So, we left the UK on 17th September 2103 leaving behind friends, family, jobs (and the summer) and headed for Hong Kong.



Hong Kong is crazy busy but full of good stuff to see.  We did as much as we could in the 4 days  we had….Victoria Peak for stunning views across the city, beaches (yes nice beaches) in the south, seeing the aptly named ‘Big Buddha’ on Lantau Island and the Chi Lin Nunnery which is basically an area of calm and beautiful gardens in amongst the madness – a welcome respite.  The Star Ferry is a great way of getting between the 2 main islands and costs hardly anything.


We had to stay put in our hotel towards the end of our stay as a super-typoon approached, threatening not only our dryness but also our chances of leaving.  Luckily for us Hong Kong didn’t take the 180mph winds too seriously and we were cleared to leave…we made Sydney in record time!



Tips for Hong Kong…

– The locals seem to shuffle and walk into you at any given opportunity.  Rather than get annoyed by this, just make it into a game and see how far you can ping them

– If you’re vegetarian, take your own food or get used to rice

– If you like a beer, start saving now